In this thought-provoking, politically incorrect book on how the first year of the Iraq War was really fought, Taking Anbar explores the absolute disbelief, sadness, humor, and rage of a First World army in a Third World conflict. 

"There are two types of people in the military, if not life itself: Administrators and Operators.  Administrators make themselves look busy.  Operators get shit done." I 824 6th Street Apt 9 I Santa Monica, CA I 90403

OnBehalf is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Pick Up a 5-Star Book, Help a 5-Star Hero.

Written by Soldier of Fortune Contributing Writer and OnBehalf's Director Mike Gifford, proceeds from sales of Taking Anbar help fund OnBehalf's work.

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OnBehalf is an all-volunteer nonprofit.  We don't get paid; our vets do.  With few expenses, over 90% of your donation reaches those who need it most.



Helping Veterans

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There are a MILLION ways to help a wounded vet, some right from your home or office.  Work with us and discover some free, fun and rewarding ways to lend a hand, all in your spare time.

‚ÄčFounded for vets by vets in 2005, is an all-volunteer

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to raise cash and professional services for combat wounded veterans of Iraq & Afghanistan.

Our military men and women head into battle as a team, but all too often come home to deal with their injuries, PTS and a crushing VA bureaucracy alone.  Don't let that happen.  Work with OnBehalf -- as a volunteer, an advocate, or donor -- and make life a little easier for some of America's finest.