, the "Yelp" of worldwide not-for-profit organizations, ranks OnBehalf as a five-star nonprofit.  Based completely on reviews from donors, volunteers, businesses and even veterans we've helped, it's an uncensored look into the impact we've made on military families.  Click here to read what people are saying about us.

We're committed to transparency: and saving money.  The more we save, the more we can offer our wounded men & women.  Most expenses (website, postage, stationary, etc) are either absorbed by the board or provided by volunteers.  And over 90% of contributions directly aid our wounded.  For our GuideStar nonprofit report, to include our 5-star reviews, click here.

Our Finances 

How We Work

Wounded veterans are desperately in need of two things: cash and professional services.  OnBehalf strives to provide both to our combat injured and grieving military families.

The process begins right here online.  A wounded vet or military family can be nominated  here for OnBehalf's help by a VA case worker or equivalent,  Once we receive a name, our staff reviews their case for eligibility.  After the claim is verified, we issue a financial grant, usually directly to a provider (mortgage, car payment, electric company, etc).  Grants are dependent on rank, injury and financial situation.  


We're small, but very driven and incredibly thrifty.  An all-volunteer team and pro bono board means more of your contribution reaches those who need it most.  Interested in joining us?  Click here for several ways you can get involved.


Work with a nonprofit who knows what it's like. 


Organized in 2005 by four USAR combat veterans, OnBehalf started as a way to raise some cash for one of our own, Specialist Chris Kotch.  Technically killed twice by an IED blast in Iraq in 2003, Chris and his family faced an uphill battle because of his injuries.  But once he was back on his feet and the bills were paid, we decided to take OnBehalf nationwide.  Since 2007, OnBehalf has served as a way for Americans to give back to other combat wounded vets of Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as families of the fallen.  Contributions have provided cash for eligible military families, and our network connects them with professional services, advice or items they might need, generously contributed by small businesses and professionals from around the United States.  With your help, we're easing their burden and showing them just how much their country appreciates their service.  

Our Mission

Founded: 2005

Founder/Executive Director:  Mike Gifford

Chief Operating Officer: Toni Wakester

Secretary:  Scott Couture

Treasurer:  Rick DiTrapano

Event Chair:  Michael L. Gifford

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