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In this thought-provoking, politically incorrect book on how the first year of the Iraq War was really fought, Taking Anbar explores the absolute disbelief, sadness, humor, and rage of a First World army in a Third World conflict. 

And while it has plenty of what you’d expect in a counterinsurgency campaign, it’s what you don’t expect that shocks most readers: just how little thought military leadership put into life and death decisions, and how regular joes continually stepped up to do the impossible in the brutal fight for Anbar Province following the 2003 fall of Baghdad.

With a rare look into the initial post-war details that set the stage for a decade-long occupation, it’s poised to be one of the most definitive books on the Iraq War. 

"There are two types of people in the military, if not life itself: Administrators and Operators.

Administrators make themselves look busy.

Operators get shit done."

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Written by Soldier of Fortune contributing writer and's Founder/Director Michael Gifford, proceeds will benefit combat wounded vets of Iraq & Afghanistan with